The complete line of Mitas motorcycle tires are now available at Motorace from the ever popular Adventure Tour tires like the E-07, E-09, E-10 and MC-60 to the new H-18 Flat Track tires and the C-19, EF-07 FIM DOT Enduro tires, Mitas has a specialty tire for you. Michelin and Mitas winter friction studded motorcycle tires will keep you riding and in shape during the winter months. Motorace has been a distributor in the motorcycle industry for over 30 years. We focus on quality products like Michelin motorcycle tires, Michelin motorcycle tubes, Kenda, Shinko and Vee Rubber tires, Motorex, Motul and Maxima specialized lubricants, IXS clothing, RK Chain, Vortex sprockets, FMF exhaust systems and Pivot Works bearing kits to name a few. We specialize in customer care and service, your order and questions are answered by riders who are product knowledgeable and involved in the sport of motorcycling. Dealer inquiries invited.