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  • Construction and shape of the Mitas MC-35 S-Racer 2.0 Scooter Tire maximize contact patch at extreme lean angles. The Mitas MC-35 S-Racer 2.0 Scooter Tire ensures great stability and behavior during cornering and more precise steering and faster changes of directions when making turns. It allows great lean angles, superb braking and acceleration performance. Available in soft, super soft and medium racing compounds and street compund.
  • Mitas MC-19 scooter tires for exciting off road rides. Tire construction for maximum grip and resistance to punctures.
  • Mitas MC-32 Winter Scooter Tires have special soft compound that is designed to perform in cold weather. Deep tread to clear out slush and snow.
  • Mitas MC-20 Monsoon Scooter Tires for everyday use, give top driving performance in all weather conditions. Also used on light trails and dirt track fun. New Racing Wet (B) blue stripe rain tires.
  • Mitas MC-34 Racing Soft Scooter Tire is known for its excellent grip and stability irrespective of the driving style. It is designed for extreme cornering and provides the highest safety level. The Mitas MC-34 tire was developed to meet the specific requirements of the Asian market. MC 34 is also available in racing compound.
  • Mitas MC-34 scooters tires for the more demanding riders. Sporty tread pattern, European construction and excellent rubber compound for good wet and dry performance.