140/80-17 DAKAR TL

  • Mitas E-10 Dual Sport Motorcycle Tires Big Bike Versatile Adventure TireSerious adventure riders choose the Mitas E-10 motorcycle tire for top handling performance on long back-country trips with big-bore bikes.70% off-road - 30% road
    • Modern block pattern tread to handle on and off-road journeys
    • Reinforced DAKAR carcass (yellow stripe) with extra strength for long tire life on large adventure motorcycles
    • DOT approved, Tubeless
    • Available sizes, such as E-10 170-17 DAKAR & E-10 170-17
  • Mitas E-09 Dual Sport Motorcycle Tires Top Performing Tire for Most Demanding TerrainDual sport riders choose the long lasting Mitas E-09 motorcycle tire for top ride performance on demanding terrain.80% off-road - 20% road
    • Aggressive tread for Enduro and adventure trail bike
    • Made to handle diverse terrain from forest floor to loose shale and deep sand
    • Reinforced DAKAR carcass (yellow stripe) with extra strength to extend tire life
    • DOT approved, Tubeless
  • Adventure bikers choose Mitas E-07 & E-07+ Dual Sport DAKAR Adventure motorcycle tires for all terrain performance and daring rides from home to work and back. The Mitas E-07 & E-07+ motorcycle tires is designed for 50% on road and 50% off road use. Due to its hardwearing compound and optimal performance on road and off road, the Mitas E-07 & E-07+ is a highly popular dual sport motorcycle tire on many road trips all around the world.50% road - 50% off-road
    • Versatile motorcycle tire with top rate handling characteristics on both dirt and asphalt
    • Deep lug chevron trend sheds mud and water for optimal traction
    • Available sizes, such as E-07 170-17 DAKAR & E-07 170-17
    Adventure rider motorcycle tire
    • For long distance and off-road hard packed to gravel backwoods capability
    • DOT approved
    Mitas E-07 & E-07+ Dual Sport DAKAR Adventure Motorcycle Tire Mitas designed the DAKAR version (yellow stripe) of the standard E-07 motorcycle tires by adding an extra construction layer to the carcass and making a stiffer sidewall for higher loads, extreme conditions and longer adventure tours.