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Mitas C-19 Front Enduro / Cross Country Tires

Mitas C-19 Front Enduro / Cross Country Tires


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Mitas C-19 Motocross and Cross Country Extreme front tires are available in three different compounds to best suit your riding needs. Use the C-19 front tire for superior performance and traction for extreme enduro, cross country, motocross and hobby riding. DOT and FIM approved.

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Mitas C-19 Front Enduro / Cross Country Tires

  • Extreme Enduro application
  • Super light carcass
  • Kevlar nanofiber rubber
  • Great sticky tire for wet rock and root terrain
  • DOT Approved

MOTORACE has been selling the Trelleborg / Mitas line for over 20 years. They have been good to us, and wonderful for our customers.
Mitas C-19 Red Stripe – Enduro tread compound, most durable C-19, 4 textile ply layers, suitable for a wider range of terrain

Tire Stripe Information

Tire Stripe Information

Tire markings for Mitas Motocross Competition, Junior Motocross Competition, Pit Cross and Motocross tires.

  • Double Red Stripe – Motocross competition Tire made from the hardest tread compound for soft and sandy terrain.
  • Red and Yellow Stripe – Motocross competition Tire made from a medium hard tread compound for soft to medium terrain.
  • Red and Green Stripe – Motocross competition Tire made from a softer tread compound for medium to hard terrain.
  • Red Stripe – Tire for junior motocross competition and pit cross.
  • White Stripe – Motocross Tire for winter use (spiking, motoskyöring and ice motocross); it features a classical carcass and a special soft compound (the compound remains flexible and elastic in the freezing cold of up to -10 °C).
  • Tire Without A Stripe – Motocross Tire suitable for training and hobby riding.

Tire markings for Mitas Enduro and Extreme Enduro tires.

  • Yellow Stripe (Super) – Tire made from a softer compound for Enduro FIM and cross country competitions. Since in these races types of surfaces are alternating from soft to hard, a medium hard compound is used to deliver performance on different surfaces.
  • Green Stripe (Super Light) – Tire with a softer carcass and soft tread compound for extreme enduro or cross country competitions on harder terrains. The tread compound is softer than the yellow-stripe (Super) version and designed for harder terrain.
  • Double Green Stripe (Super Soft) – Tire with a softer carcass and extra soft tread compound for rocky terrain and most demanding extreme enduro competitions.


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