Mitas E-10 Dual Sport Motorcycle Tire

Adventure Riders Buy Their Mitas Tires from MOTORACE

Mitas E-10 Dual Sport Motorcycle Tires


Mitas E-10 Dual Sport Motorcycle Tires
Big Bike Versatile Adventure Tire

Serious adventure riders choose the Mitas E-10 motorcycle tire for top handling performance on long back-country trips with big-bore bikes.

70% off-road – 30% road

  • Modern block pattern tread to handle on and off-road journeys
  • Reinforced DAKAR carcass (yellow stripe) with extra strength for long tire life on large adventure motorcycles
  • DOT approved, Tubeless
  • Available sizes, such as E-10 170-17 DAKAR & E-10 170-17


This is the Mitas E-10 Dual Sport Motorcycle Tires. This is a DOT approved dual sport tire (30/70 on/off-road).

The DAKAR is the heavy casing tire (it has an extra ply for extreme use).

MOTORACE has been selling the Mitas line for over 20 years. We have decided to expand our product selection of their tires to include the very popular dual sport line. These tires are available in sizes, such as E-10 170-17 DAKAR & E-10 170-17, are in stock, and ready to ship.

We know a lot about Mitas motorcycle racing tires, because we started selling and distributing their tires more than 20 years ago. That is why adventure riders buy their Mitas Dual Sport motorcycle tires online from us. Our customers receive fast free* shipping direct from our own warehouse. When they ask for help, they know they get our best seasoned advice learned over many years working with quality European brand tires.

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