Mitas TERRA FORCE-R Dual Sport Motorcycle Tires

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Mitas TERRA FORCE-R Dual Sport Motorcycle Tires


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  • TERRA FORCE-R is the ideal choice for commuters as well as for adventurers who love longer rides with a passenger and luggage.
  • Immediate grip, excellent traction on wet or dry roads, strong carcass and high puncture resistance.
  • Easy steering and manoeuvrability with good straight and corner stability.
  • Consistent performance through its lifetime and under heavy loads.
  • Most modern elastomers and high active fillers for excellent grip in all conditions, optimal balanced
    wear rate and maximum confidence.


terra force-r tire spec

When using the Mitas TERRA FORCE-R motorcycle tires, riders will appreciate excellent traction and easy maneuverability with good straight and corner stability. Its high puncture resistance and consistent performance throughout its lifetime deliver exceptional riding experience. High grip at low temperatures and on wet surfaces is supported with high silica content.

The selected rear sizes feature the Multi Compound Tread Technology (MCTT): the central tread provides increased mileage while the shoulder tread ensures superior grip at all lean angles.

We know a lot about Mitas motorcycle racing tires, because we started selling and distributing their tires more than 20 years ago. That is why adventure riders buy their Mitas Dual Sport motorcycle tires online from us. Our customers receive fast free* shipping direct from our own warehouse. When they ask for help, they know they get our best seasoned advice learned over many years working with quality European brand tires.

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