Mitas XT-754 Green – Soft Extreme Motorcycle Tires

Mitas XT-754 Green – Soft Extreme Motorcycle Tires


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Size: 120/90-18, Green Stripe

Mitas XT-754 Motocross and Cross Country Extreme rear motorcycle tire is built with a lightweight, flexible casing for a large contact patch and good shock absorption along with the soft tread rubber for superior performance and traction, even on the toughest trails.

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Motorace has imported the very popular Mitas XT-754 Super Soft Extreme motorcycle tires. This is the successor to the popular XT-946. It has a deeper, more aggressive tread pattern that that of the 946 but still retains the softer casing of the 946 that makes it work so well in the rocky terrain of New England.

Mitas XT-754 Super Light Extreme Green Rear motorcycle tire in size 120/90-18

  • Tread pattern for the rear wheels.
  • Recommended for soft to intermediate terrain.
  • High-profile knobs that dig deep.
  • Exceptional traction on any loose terrain.

MOTORACE has been selling the Trelleborg / Mitas line for over 20 years. We bring in a very large part of the European catalog, and carry items like the Mitas XT-754 Super Soft Extreme Motorcycle Tires that no one else does in the USA.

Tire Stripe Information

Tire Stripe Information

Tire markings for Mitas Motocross Competition, Junior Motocross Competition, Pit Cross and Motocross tires.

  • Double Red Stripe – Motocross competition Tire made from the hardest tread compound for soft and sandy terrain.
  • Red and Yellow Stripe – Motocross competition Tire made from a medium hard tread compound for soft to medium terrain.
  • Red and Green Stripe – Motocross competition Tire made from a softer tread compound for medium to hard terrain.
  • Red Stripe – Tire for junior motocross competition and pit cross.
  • White Stripe – Motocross Tire for winter use (spiking, motoskyöring and ice motocross); it features a classical carcass and a special soft compound (the compound remains flexible and elastic in the freezing cold of up to -10 °C).
  • Tire Without A Stripe – Motocross Tire suitable for training and hobby riding.

Tire markings for Mitas Enduro and Extreme Enduro tires.

  • Yellow Stripe (Super) – Tire made from a softer compound for Enduro FIM and cross country competitions. Since in these races types of surfaces are alternating from soft to hard, a medium hard compound is used to deliver performance on different surfaces.
  • Green Stripe (Super Light) – Tire with a softer carcass and soft tread compound for extreme enduro or cross country competitions on harder terrains. The tread compound is softer than the yellow-stripe (Super) version and designed for harder terrain.
  • Double Green Stripe (Super Soft) – Tire with a softer carcass and extra soft tread compound for rocky terrain and most demanding extreme enduro competitions.


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