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Mitas XT-946 Ice Soft Rear Motorcycle Tires

Mitas XT-946 Ice Soft Rear Motorcycle Tires


Mitas XT-946 rear white stripe motorcycle tire is made with a soft supple casing and a very soft rubber compound which was originally intended for winter and cold weather Enduro rides. This tire also works well on extreme rocky wet trails.


In 2012, we brought in the Mitas XT-946 Ice Soft Rear Motorcycle Tires. This was a motorcycle tire made special for us. NOT for studding at first, but for off-road use in dirt. The Mitas XT-946 has a 2-ply casing, in a wide knobby. It acts like a trials tire in use, but does not pack up with mud like a trials tire does. And even though the rubber compound is soft, it is very durable. As one of our people told us – “This tire is a BEAST!”

The Mitas XT-946 Ice Soft Rear Motorcycle Tire has been our best selling off-road tire since 2012, and has been extremely popular with our New England KTM dealers. For some, it has replaced the Pirelli MT-16 for off-road work as it behaves better for most riders in our rocky New England terrain, but is also more durable.

MOTORACE has been selling the Trelleborg / Mitas line for over 20 years. They have been good to us, and wonderful for our customers.