Mitas XT-434 Motorcycle Tires

Mitas XT-434 Motorcycle Tires


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This tire is a Mitas XT-434 80/100-21 Motorcycle Tire. It has been the Mitas workhorse for years. This has been our most consistent seller throughout the years and works as both a play and competition tire. A strong casing and good studding pattern makes this tire WORK. A great all-arounder.

These studs have a mushroom shaped base, steel body and carbide tipped protrusion. At our warehouse we drill the holes, we inject bonding glue and then use a unique machine to insert each stud. This same process is used in Europe. It is very time consuming.

Beware of the imitations!

This studding pattern is the PRO model – 250 STUDS.

5 in stock

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MOTORACE has been studding motorcycle tires like the Mitas XT-434 motorcycle tire for winter use for over 20 years in the USA. There was a name change from Trelleborg to Mitas. Same tire, same rubber – just a name change. These tires are NEW PRODUCTION and ready to get out in the snow!

Note: The Mitas XT-434 motorcycle tires are specially designed for winter snow and ice off road riding only. They are not to be used on bare frozen ground as excessive wear and tread damage may occur to tire and studs. These studded winter tires are shipped with carbide tipped rally studs installed by our special pneumatic machine. Automotive studding tools will not work with our unique shaped, long studs, which are glued in position. These studded winter tires are high performance specialty off road only tires and do not carry any guarantees or warranties what so ever.

NAME CHANGE – For the last decade Trelleborg MX Motorcycle tires have been produced by Mitas in the Czech Republic using molds and technology purchased from Trelleborg Sweden. 2010 was the last year of the brand name licensing agreement. The Trelleborg name use in the motorcycle tire market has now ended. The identical MX tires continue to be manufactured by Mitas in the Czech Republic and marketed using the Mitas brand name. The original tread model numbers remain but will now be preceded by an “X” as part of the Mitas “Sport Extreme” off-road motorcycle tire product line.


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