Mitas XT-454 Motorcycle Tires

Mitas XT-454 Motorcycle Tires


The Mitas XT-454 Motorcycle Tires studding pattern is the PRO model – we stud every single factory dimple for maximum traction.

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Mitas XT-454 Motorcycle Tires sport extreme winter compound studded tires.

Note: These winter tires are specially designed for winter snow and ice off road riding only. They are not to be used on bare frozen ground as excessive wear and tread damage may occur to tire and studs. These studded winter tires are shipped with carbide tipped rally studs installed by our special pneumatic machine. Automotive studding tools will not work with our unique shaped, long studs, which are glued in position. These studded winter tires are high performance specialty off road only tires and do not carry any guarantees or warranties what so ever.

MOTORACE has been studding motorcycle tires like the Mitas XT-454 for winter use for over 20 years in the USA. There was a name change from Trelleborg to Mitas. Same tire, same rubber – just a name change. The┬áMitas XT-454 Motorcycle Tires are NEW PRODUCTION and ready to get out in the snow!


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